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CodeZulu Bind Maker 1.1

Code Zulu Bind Maker is a custom buy script generator and a configuration editor
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Code Zulu Bind Maker is a successful project to make a custom buy script generator which also includes a configuration editor for Counter Strike, since version one. It provides a means to graphically create custom buy scripts and edit system configuration settings, and you don’t have to know about scripting but to people who know it gives them the ability to quickly churn out custom scripts with a greater level of ease. This program is OSI Certified open source and it is realeased under GNU Public License.

After downloading this program, there will be an “Edit” option to enable users to edit their existing current binds within the application. The program has a binding sequence editor so that the user can define the order in which the binds are written into the script. There is also a double click feature, when you double click a current bind it lets you edit it. You can backup and restore your configuration files through export function. You will get a user guide for your convenience after the program gets installed. The Bind Maker has updated team say and removed the way these items are added to a script, it now uses a checkbox to add/remove them from scripts. There is a Fixed bug now that when loading a new config file from the menu, the application wouldn’t clear out the previous current binds list box..

It is very good when we play after installing CodeZulu Bind Maker 1.1. It has an updated menu library and some new icons. This program helps us to custom buy scripting and it also helps in configuration editing with ease. This program is meant for all the maniacs of the Counter Strike Family.

Luis Sanchez
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